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Read MoreMs.Divani Nadaraja is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. She has done an outstanding job in respresenting me. She genuinely cares and is compassionate. From our first consultation I was confident with Divani and I knew I was in good hands. Ms.Nadaraja is extremely helpful in giving me advice and guiding me with my legal matters and assisting me to make the best decisions. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney.

” Highly recommend Divani Nadaraja.”

Read MoreI am so thankful for my lawyer, Ms. Divani Nadaraja. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. From our first consultation I knew I was in good hands with her as my lawyer. Her communication is always smooth and her explainations are very clear. I am so happy to have Divani represent me through this difficult time. I would absolutely recommend Ms. Divani Nadaraja.

“I was very comfortable with Hayden Lee’s counsel and his office’s processes. “

Read MoreI had some interesting twists on what was a fairly straightforward and not particularly acrimonious proceedings due to less professionalism from the other side. Hayden’s ability to roll with that some was appreciated. I particularly appreciated Hayden steering me toward thinking of clear definitions of how to handle spousal support in the future years. Crafting a defined structure will definitely pay off in minimizing future ambiguity and I thank Hayden for that.

“I highly recommend Roberta and the ShounBach support staff”

Read MoreI came to Roberta Henault after my 32 years of marriage was in a state of disrepair. From day one she sensitively told me it would be a lose-lose proposition getting a divorce. There are no real winners when a marriage dissolves after such a long period. Over a two year period, Roberta provided sound legal advice. She recommended when to take a legal stand and when it was not worth the effort or slim chance of winning. She kept me calm during the difficult times and was sensitive throughout the long journey. She even laughed at my lame jokes ( my coping mechanism). I highly recommend Roberta and the ShounBach support staff!!

“Giving me the courage to speak up for myself”

Read MoreHayden was a great support for me during one of the lowest points of my life. I can't thank him enough for listening to everything I had to say and giving me the courage to speak up for myself. Having been in an abusive relationship, Hayden encouraged me to talk about what had happened and stand up for myself. He provided excellent representation and guided me in the right direction in terms of making decisions regarding my case.

“Best possible legal opinion”

Read MoreI had an opportunity to seek consultation services from Mr. Lee last year. I found him honest, straightforward and caring. He provided the best possible legal opinion and guided me in the right direction. His guidance allowed me to find the  most suitable remedy to my issues.

“What a terrific experience all the way around”

Read MoreMy experience with Shoun Back was nothing short of extraordinary. I felt like I was in great legal hands, and their entire staff was always there to help me through the trauma of my divorce.

“ShounBach is a world class law firm.”

Read MoreShounBach is a world class law firm. Al Bonin represented me through a challenging experience with a pragmatic approach, utmost professionalism, and complete honesty. Going through a divorce is not easy, but Al guided me in a manner that encouraged me to focus beyond the divorce - it was one of the best things he could have done for me. I will always be grateful to him.

“I wouldn’t have the strength to do this without ShounBach!”

Read MoreI'm so thankful for my lawyer, Roberta K. Henault. If anyone is getting divorced in Northern Virginia, I highly recommend her. Divorce is a quagmire, and she was knowledgeable and capable, and it was such a relief to know I had her looking out for my best interests. She gave me good advice and had a good sense of what I could expect. I never felt that she was trying to run up her own bill. In fact, she weighed options at times and told me when the cost of going to court about something was not worth what I was likely to get out of it. And my lawyer tells it like it is. She stands up for what's right and will not be pushed around. She acted on my behalf in situations where I wouldn't have the strength to do it myself.

“I felt empowered after having ShounBach handle my case.”

Read MoreCurrently, Molly Garrett is representing me while I go through a divorce. I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along my thoughts. She is fantastic. We entered into an agreement with my ex very quickly because of her expertise. Also, she brought things to my attention I would have never thought about. She is always so quick to respond. The time stamps are well into the night hours. I feel she is going above and beyond for me as well as my four years old. Also, she is funny, friendly, confident and just great to be around. I was devastated walking into her office, and by the time I left I felt empowered, and I had a smile on my face. It was the first smile in a month. I could not be more pleased with my experience with her. Please pass this along to whomever it may concern.

“I don’t know anyone better than ShounBach to handle our emotional roller coaster ride!”

Read MoreAl Bonin and Molly Garrett assisted me during a trying and lengthy custody evaluation involving elementary-aged school children. I do not know how I would have handled the many twists and turns, ups and downs of this emotional roller coaster without their wise, thorough, and expert counsel. It was apparent to me from the first time I met Al Bonin that he had the best interests of the children firmly in mind throughout this time. Molly's efforts on behalf of the children were fabulous as well. I highly recommend Al and Molly to anyone who is facing a custody dispute.

“Al suggested and implemented solutions that quickly resolved problems for my family!”

Read MoreI sought a divorce and soon learned that the legal actions would have to take place in Virginia where my wife lived rather than the state where I lived. I was referred to Al Bonin and am pleased to report an excellent working relationship resulted. Despite several conflicts, steady progress toward a solution and equitable settlement was achieved. I was impressed early on by Al's knowledge of applicable law. Al suggested and implemented solutions that quickly resolved problems that might have delayed progress for months. Working over a separation of thousands of miles, I was nevertheless kept well informed on planned actions and progress. My high recommendation for Al Bonin and his staff is made with sincere gratitude for the service the firm rendered me in a time of need.

“He went above and beyond to provide me with the information that I needed.”

Read MorePlease thank Mr. Bonin for his support late last year. He went above and beyond to provide me with the information that I needed in simple terms, and was creative in providing a plan that would be most affordable to me. I will highly recommend him.

“Al and his team have provided the most professional and proactive approach to my case.”

Read MoreAl and his team have provided the most professional and proactive approach to my case. The level of communication was perfect, walking that fine balance of ensuring that everything is accomplished and watching how the money is spent. They were always at least two or three steps ahead of the pack ensuring that we were prepared for everything that was coming our way and also had a plan of attack. Al also had a very gentle side when dealing with the emotions relating to the case.

“Divani used creative strategies to come up with a solution that best worked to my advantage.”

Read MoreDivani Nadaraja recently represented me in executing a messy divorce agreement. There were complications from the beginning of this enforcement. Divani used creative strategies to come up with a solution that best worked to my advantage. She worked within her boundaries, but was able to get what I was owed. Divani used her insight and pulled from the extensive knowledge of the ShounBach legal team to optimize the outcome. Without her tenacious nature, I am sure the results would have been very different. I would highly recommend Divani to anyone seeking divorce counsel.

“I am thankful that you were a part of helping the kids and I!”

Read MoreI wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you did to get us to a final agreement last night. I was awestruck by your ability, as well as the Judge's, to maintain focus and drive the process forward even when I was hitting the wall and the hours droned on. I am truly sorry for starting to come undone. As much as I tried to avoid it, I think the break in my stride was inevitable as the day took its toll and the offers appeared bleak. Thank you for pulling me back and keeping me focused on the end state. As I think back about what we were able to accomplish, I do think that we made a lot of progress and that the agreement that was reached was a strong one for both the children and for myself. I feel a great sense of relief in having delineated parameters on so many fronts and feel empowered to move forward into the next chapter of our lives. I am thankful that you were a part of helping the kids and I work to find our new happy.

“I will recommend ShounBach to any one who may need a great firm.”

Read MoreSarah Knapp represented me in my 2015 divorce. From our first conversation, Sarah listened to me and provided a steady voice in some trying times. She took the time to explain the process, what I should and should not do, and what to expect throughout the divorce. Each time I met with her or exchanged emails, she made me feel as if I was her most important case. I will recommend her to a friend if they ever need her services.

“I was so thankful that I reached out to ShounBach for my legal matter.”

Read MoreI reached out to ShounBach for legal representation for custody and visitation cases. So thankful I did! Sarah Knapp has provided me with legal counsel on some different appearances and is a pleasure to work with. Sarah was honest, professional, and kind. She got to know my situation thoroughly, let me know my options and possible outcomes, and never made unrealistic promises. I highly recommend Sarah Knapp and the ShounBach law firm!

I was exceedingly satisfied & indebted to ShounBach for handling my family mater.

Read MoreI retained ShounBach to prepare a property settlement agreement and to process my divorce documents through the appropriate County Circuit Court in Virginia. I am exceedingly satisfied and indebted to ShounBach for its handling of my family matter. My case was complicated because my ex-spouse is not a U.S. citizen and lives abroad. Nevertheless, Al Bonin was able to work out a property settlement and draft the final agreement within three weeks of my initial consultation. Kathleen Hassett and her support staff prepared my divorce documents and guided me through the process of having the documents signed and notarized. We were set back initially due to the reluctance of a U.S. Embassy abroad to notarize my ex-spouse’s waiver of service. Kathleen and her support staff addressed this issue within a matter of hours, and we were successful in obtaining the proper notarization. My Final Divorce Order was signed by a judge within one week of Kathleen submitting my package of documents to the appropriate County Circuit Court. The support staff at ShounBach—especially Jessica DeVaughn, Cindy Brown, Amanda Hutchison, and Patricia Palmer—were great to work with. My divorce was Final within the original projected dollar amount and time estimated by Al Bonin during the initial consultation. ShounBach is a professional, highly responsive, reputable, and ethical law firm. I unreservedly recommend them for handling family matters, whether those matters are domestic to the U.S. or International in nature.

“Hayden Lee was the best attorney I’ve encountered to date.”

Hayden Lee was the best attorney I’ve encountered to date. Earlier this year I found myself in the midst of a very ugly custody dispute. All signs pointed in the direction of at best a long drawn out custody battle, which most likely would end in the devastation of my family. Because of Hayden Lee I have a custody arrangement that I can live with. They say in a court dispute, the only winners are the lawyers. Hayden Lee was the exception to that rule. Hayden was exceptional.

Rating: 5