I was exceedingly satisfied & indebted to ShounBach for handling my family mater.

I retained ShounBach to prepare a property settlement agreement and to process my divorce documents through the appropriate County Circuit Court in Virginia. I am exceedingly satisfied and indebted to ShounBach for its handling of my family matter. My case was complicated because my ex-spouse is not a U.S. citizen and lives abroad. Nevertheless, Al Bonin was able to work out a property settlement and draft the final agreement within three weeks of my initial consultation. Kathleen Hassett and her support staff prepared my divorce documents and guided me through the process of having the documents signed and notarized. We were set back initially due to the reluctance of a U.S. Embassy abroad to notarize my ex-spouse’s waiver of service. Kathleen and her support staff addressed this issue within a matter of hours, and we were successful in obtaining the proper notarization. My Final Divorce Order was signed by a judge within one week of Kathleen submitting my package of documents to the appropriate County Circuit Court. The support staff at ShounBach—especially Jessica DeVaughn, Cindy Brown, Amanda Hutchison, and Patricia Palmer—were great to work with. My divorce was Final within the original projected dollar amount and time estimated by Al Bonin during the initial consultation. ShounBach is a professional, highly responsive, reputable, and ethical law firm. I unreservedly recommend them for handling family matters, whether those matters are domestic to the U.S. or International in nature.

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