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If you have experienced a substantial financial change and are now under financial strain, you may be able to seek a spousal support modification to receive more financial support from your ex-spouse or pay less to him or her, depending on your situation. Many people mistakenly believe that the original divorce terms can never be modified, but in certain situations the court will grant modifications to spousal support.

Please be aware that this is not the case if you entered into a written agreement which provided that the terms of spousal support are “non-modifiable” in all circumstances.

You may be able to modify your spousal support arrangement if you suffer an unexpected illness or loss of income. Losing a job, disability, and a change in work hours are some of the most common reasons that divorced spouses seek a spousal support modification. On the other hand, if your ex-spouse experiences a significant salary increase, that could also warrant a change in the amount of support.


Spousal Support Modification Help in Northern Virginia

In order to be successful in a spousal support modification, it is wise to consult a Northern Virginia divorce attorney before filing. These cases can be complex, and you will benefit from the help of an experienced attorney. ShounBach has been practicing family law and helping individuals in Virginia for over 40 years. We utilize our wealth of knowledge and legal resources to help every one of our clients.

We understand that life after a divorce can be difficult and full of unexpected changes. Through our work ethic and our knowledge of the law, we have been able to provide divorced individuals with some of the highest quality of legal representation available in the state. We work exclusively on family law so that you can receive focused legal attention for your needs, and we are excited about serving you.

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