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When parents decide to separate, whether in the context of a divorce or not, determining parenting time is one of the most challenging issues that may arise. Parents are usually in the best position to establish the most appropriate parenting time arrangement for their children. When parents disagree, however, they may seek a parenting time determination by the Virginia courts, and this determination will need to be enforced.

The courts will do their best to make a decision promoting the needs of the child, but these arrangements are not always ideal for all parties involved, and quite often, events happen in the lives of the family members that call for a modification of the arrangement. In that event, our firm will be on your side.

In determining parenting time, Virginia courts will consider the best interests of the child, pooling together specific information and coming to a conclusion that promotes long-term well-being of the child.

Factors the courts will consider include:

  • Ages of the child and parents
  • Physical and mental condition of the child and parents
  • The child’s relationships with other important family members
  • Any special needs of the child

Parents may also modify a parenting time order, but must first demonstrate that a change in circumstances has occurred warranting a modification and that the new arrangement is in the best interest of the child.


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At ShounBach, we understand the importance of your relationship with your children. Whether your goal is to work towards an agreement or pursue court action, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle complex parenting time matters. We have been protecting clients in the courtroom for a total of over 200 combined years, and this experience goes a long way in the favor of your best interests.

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