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It’s an unfortunate reality that the relationships most dear to us can take abrupt and devastating turns for the worse. We at ShounBach want you to know that while our Virginia domestic violence attorneys may not be able to heal the trauma you (and hopefully not) your children have endured, we can help protect your family and put systems in place to allow for a happier and more stable future.

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Your Safety Is Always First

Of course, if you are in immediate need, we are not your first point of contact. Call 9-1-1 if your matter is urgent. Once this has been settled, our firm can take action against your family or household member for your protection.

Depending on the circumstances, our firm will fight for one of the following:

  • Emergency Protective Order
  • Preliminary Protective Order
  • Permanent Protective Order

Each type of protective order is used for different lengths of protection. Our attorneys will advise you on and litigate for the one that fits this case and the one that best protects you and your family. Permanent orders can last up to 2 years and, of course, these orders can extend to your children if your children witness the above or if you have fear that they could be subjected to family abuse.

Making the Next Steps

If domestic violence is your motivation for filing for a divorce, the State of Virginia will allow it. There are several causes for fault-based divorces in our state, and cruelty is chief among them. Generally, the abuse must be physical; however, under certain circumstances, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse may contribute to the evidence to support a divorce on the basis of cruelty.

During the fault based divorce proceedings, the court will need to see evidence of the abuse, which can be gathered by calling authorities as soon as possible when a threat is presented.

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