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In Virginia, the divorce court will apply equitable distribution to divide property and allocate debt in the event of a divorce. Equitable distribution does not necessarily mean that a judge will simply divide the parties’ property in half. Rather, a court will look to when and how property was acquired and classify property.

These properties are classified as:

  • Marital
  • separate
  • Part marital/part separate (“hybrid”)

In determining how to fairly divide the marital property, and allocate the marital debt, the court is required to consider certain enumerated factors. Some of these factors include monetary and non-monetary contributions, the duration of the marriage, the circumstances and factors which contributed to the dissolution of the marriage, the liquid or non-liquid character of marital property and tax consequences. Understanding how property is classified, and the way these factors can best be utilized in an individual case, requires experience and comfort with the intricacies of Virginia’s complex equitable distribution statute and related case law.


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If you have a divorce case which will involve the equitable distribution of property, you will be best served by having a divorce attorney with significant experience in Virginia’s law and courts to represent you.

When you retain our firm you will derive the benefit of being represented by a seasoned attorney from a team with numerous decades of combined experience. For over 40 years, the attorneys of ShounBach have consistently provided divorcing residents of Northern Virginia with quality legal services, and have handled literally thousands of cases involving equitable distribution of property.

As one of the largest firms in Virginia which practices exclusively family law, our services are sought by many. Our reputation is reflected by the high peer review ratings we have received in Martindale-Hubbell® and US News and World Report; and several of our attorneys have been individually recognized in publications such as Super Lawyers®, Best Lawyers in America®, Washingtonian Magazine, The Washington Post, and Northern Virginia Magazine. We believe that we offer our clients unique services and quality representation that will allow them to successfully navigate the divorce and equitable distribution process. See our Property Division page for more information.

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