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Drawn-out divorce cases can be damaging to a person’s physical, emotional, and financial health. Other family members can feel the stress as well, especially when children are involved. No matter what situation you are faced with or how difficult it may appear, one of our many Northern Virginia family law attorneys can aggressively fight to protect your rights, or aid you in cooperatively resolving your divorce matters.

Due to the size of our firm, we have the lawyers and resources to accommodate any family law situation and handle it in the manner that is most appropriate for your case.


What is divorce litigation?

In some divorce cases, the two parties involved come to amicable and mutual agreements on how to settle their case. This is not always possible. If no agreement can be reached, it may be necessary to proceed with litigation (court). In these cases, a divorce attorney steps in and presents the case to the court on behalf of his or her client, presenting a case for a fair distribution of assets and debts. These cases can also include custody litigation, regarding joint custody, sole custody, and time sharing between the parents (visitation).

The laws regarding this process are numerous and detailed, but each divorce lawyer at ShounBach has the extensive training and experience necessary to pursue a favorable outcome for your case.

No matter what your assets or the complications of your case may be, we provide the same client representation and service to everyone we represent. If custody and parenting time is at issue, we make sure your children are protected and remain sensitive to their needs and concerns.

If you are looking for a reputable Northern Virginia divorce lawyer, call our office for more information.

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“ShounBach is a world class law firm.”

I'm so thankful for my lawyer, Roberta K. Henault. If…

“I felt empowered after having ShounBach handle my case.”
“I don't know anyone better than ShounBach to handle our emotional roller coaster ride!”
“Al suggested and implemented solutions that quickly resolved problems for my family!”
“He went above and beyond to provide me with the information that I needed.”
“Al and his team have provided the most professional and proactive approach to my case.”
“Divani used creative strategies to come up with a solution that best worked to my advantage.”
“I am thankful that you were a part of helping the kids and I!”
“I will recommend ShounBach to any one who may need a great firm.”
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