Northern Virginia Family Law Attorneys

Experience and Dedication Working for You

Family law can be complex, with countless laws relating to numerous practice areas. It’s important for anyone facing a domestic relations case to be represented by an attorney with extensive experience and access to resources. As one of the largest family law firms in Virginia, ShounBach is able to provide family lawyers with a wide range of experience, as well as solid training.

Always in Your Best Interest

There are a number of different legal areas that family law covers. Most of these are not desirable situations, but nevertheless, they need to be navigated with precision. Whether your interests are to extend your family with a new adoption, or it looks as though your marriage has run its course, we’ll be on your side, putting our hundreds of years of collective legal experience to work for you.

Family Lawyers in Northern Virginia

For a Northern Virginia divorce attorney who has the knowledge and training to represent you in any of these practice areas, contact ShounBach today. As one of the largest family law focused firms in Virginia, our attorneys have over 200 years of collective legal experience, giving our firm the unique ability to provide tailored legal representation to meet your needs.

If your case calls for an aggressive litigator, we have attorneys with extensive courtroom experience who can provide you with vigorous representation and defense. We also have skilled Collaborative attorneys and mediators who can help you achieve a cooperative resolution.

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