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COVID-19 Protective Order Relief During the Pandemic

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Due to the Governor of Virginia’s stay-at-home order, many are forced to cohabit with a significant other who may be physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive towards them.  Times of personal and financial strain historically exacerbate instances of abuse, and victims of domestic violence are at increased risk now more than ever.  Given the pandemic, Courts have closed for general business purposes and resources have become more difficult to obtain.  However, emergency court proceedings, such as protective order hearings, are still permitted under both the COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) travel restrictions and declaration of a judicia…

If I am the primary custodian of my children, can I relocate …

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This is one of the most commonly litigated issues that often arises after a custody determination. Whether it is to accept a new job offer, avoid the expensive cost of living in Northern Virginia, move closer to family members who live outside the area, or even to start a new life, it is not uncommon for a parent to seek to relocate after a divorce or after being awarded custody. Whatever the reason, when the parent’s move is to a location that is not in close proximity to the other parent, the parenting schedules in effect are bound to be impacted. In some situations, parents account for this contingency in the custody agreement and dete…

Doing Away with the Word “Custody”

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“Custody” is a loaded word. It is a word that tends to correlate a child with property that two people fight over for ownership. It is also a word that tends to result in an all-or-nothing mentality, often times leaving a negative outlook for the parent who “lost” the custody battle. This type of thinking is a recipe for conflict when it comes to co-parenting after divorce. Some states in the U.S. have opted to remove the word “custody” from the wording in their statutes. Taking its place have been words such as “decision-making” and “parenting time”–words that more directly identify each parent’s role and responsibilities in the child’s…
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