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ShounBach Staff


Cindy Brown

Office Manager

Woman Attorney Placeholder.

Deborah Boddie

Paralegal for Susan Butler, Sarah Knapp and Elizabeth Bookwalter


Danubia Arias

Paralegal for Hope Rosen, Roberta Henault and Carrie Patterson

Lauren Tomsey Profile Pic

Lauren Tomsey

Paralegal for Molly Garrett, Thomas Velarde and Hayden Lee


Amanda Hutchison

Legal Assistant to Albert Bonin, Susan Butler, Sarah Knapp and Elizabeth Bookwalter


Angie Hairfield

Legal Assistant to Rebecca Neville, Molly Garrett and Thomas Velarde


Penny Isenberg


Woman Attorney Placeholder.

Patrice Peyton

Legal Assistant for Roberta Henault, Carrie Patterson and Elizabeth Bookwalter

Woman Attorney Placeholder.

Amanda Hutchison

Legal Assistant for Susan Butler, Sarah Knapp, Albert Bonin, Hope Rosen and Hayden Lee

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