ShounBach Staff

Cindy Brown

Office Manager

Patricia Palmer

Paralegal for Susan Butler, Roberta Henault and Divani Nadaraja

Danubia Arias

Paralegal for Albert Bonin, Molly Garrett and Daniel Schy

Dayna Omary

Paralegal for Sarah Knapp, Hayden Lee, and Thomas M. Velarde.

Angie Hairfield

Legal Assistant for Molly Garrett, Hayden Lee, and Thomas M. Velarde.

Amanda Hutchison

Legal Assistant for Susan Butler, Hope Rosen and Kathryn Taylor

Ann Drake

Legal Assistant for Sarah Knapp and Roberta Henault

Jessica DeVaughn

Legal Assistant for Albert Bonin, Divani Nadaraja and Dan Schy

Penny Isenberg

Assistant Office Manager

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