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COVID-19: Divorce in a Time of Crisis

To say that people are dealing with stress and anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic is an understatement.  With a shelter in place order in effect, couples have suddenly found themselves confined to their homes and spending a lot more time together.  It’s easy to see why many couples are feeling the strain and while many couples will make it through, others may be considering divorce.  Divorce is not an easy decision to make, but if you’ve made that decision, you’re not alone.  So, now what?  You’ve determined that you’re not able to salvage your relationship and are ready for the next step.  But what IS the next step when you’re in the middle of a pandemic?

First, know that many law firms, including Shoun Bach, are still meeting with clients either virtually (i.e. Zoom) or by telephone.  You do not need to wait until the pandemic is over to begin the process of filing for divorce.

The court may not be open for routine divorce proceedings during the lockdown, but there are other options to explore – such as mediation.  Once the courts reopen, they’ll be inundated with a backlog of cases so mediation may be a great avenue to consider.  Shoun Bach’s own, Attorney Susan M. Butler, was quoted in the Washingtonian remarking “[Mediation] lets people be creative with settlement ideas, because if the proposal is not accepted it cannot be used against you court.”

Experienced Divorce Attorney in Northern Virginia

When there is tension between spouses, it can be a very difficult time for the entire household. These difficulties can become particularly severe when one or both spouses decide to seek a divorce. One of the most important decisions you can make in order to simplify the process is to hire a divorce lawyer who can provide you with excellent and detailed counsel and advice, as well as argue convincingly on your behalf. To book a consultation, give our office a call today at 703-991-2351 or send us a confidential message via our website.

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