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In honor of Love Your Pet Day, ShounBach is pleased to showcase all of our firm’s dog friends. We are all animal lovers and have many great conversations about our pets and their crazy antics.

Meet Susan’s dog, Hugo. Hugo is a 2 year old Greater Swiss Mountain dog.  He loves hiking, chasing snowballs and herding his family.

Meet Tucker, he is a 6 month old Hound Mix, that Cindy adopted about 6 weeks ago. He loves blankets, people, other dogs, cuddles on the couch, taking up all of Cindy’s bed, trying to eat all the trash when he is out on his walks and is totally in love with destroying water bottles (empty or full, he doesn’t careJ). He is currently finishing his first session of puppy training classes and is super smart but is sneaky, when he is trying to do something he knows he isn’t supposed to do. He recently learned how to open the door to the pantry to get in the trash can!!!

Trish’s dog, Delilah Palmer, is 13 years young.  She is German Shepard mix and was adopted when she was 1 ½ years old.  She is a sweet pup who loves her people very much.  She enjoys napping, cleaning up food dropped by her younger human brothers and barking at delivery people.  She is not a fan of thunderstorms or cats


Meet Hope’s dog. Judge is a one year old Schnoodle who likes to chew just about everything he can get his mouth on.  Judge is playful, smart and very curious.  He recently graduated from puppy 2 training and will be attending good citizen training this summer.

Meet Dash aka Dash Boy, the newest member of the Arias family.  Dash is a 3-month-old lab/pit mix.  This handsome fella loves carrots, peanut butter treats, watching/playing soccer and blankets, but hates having his picture taken, having to go potty in the cold or rain.  His newest tricks include paw shakes and dancing.  Dash boy’s fun and energetic personality brightens everyone’s day!

Al’s dog Banjo is a 9 year old white German Shepard adopted 5 years ago by Al and his wife Ginger. He has been with three families and is extremely gentle and affectionate. When Susan discovered he needed a home she knew that Al and Ginger would be a great fit, as they had previously owned a white German Shepard. Banjo enjoys contemplating the literary masters in the reading room, day care and getting as many pets as possible.

Pepper-the-Puppy-Patterson is a miniature Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix) born on 8/27/18 who was warmly welcomed into Carrie’s family on 10/21/18.  She is both sweet and sassy and would spend 100% of her time eating leaves if she was allowed.  She is a quick learner and LOVES people (if you walk by her without saying hi, she will stand on her hind legs and jump around and whimper at you – it will break your heart, so please say hi).  She’s also happy to meet other animals (except for birds, for some reason, she hates birds).   She is getting better at road trips and has been to Connecticut twice, where we discovered her energy can actually be outmatched by those under the age of 10.  She is tripling in size almost daily but we think she will max out at about 15 adorable pounds.  When she is overdue for a haircut, she is easily mistaken for a baby buffalo.  We love her and can’t wait for her to meet all the other pups of ShounBach!

Reesie (pronounced Re-C) aka Reesie Piece-y aka Mama Piece-y is a 12 year old rat terrier mix.  Reesie was born on the streets (literally) of Texas and upon being found, one December day by a friend of Lauren’s, instantaneously became her Christmas joy. Reesie’s favorite thing is eating, always has been.  She will try anything but loves her vegetables, thank God!  Reesie is very protective of her mama and her territory.  She is a barker!  Reesie enjoys playing with her sister Sadie the cat, though I am still not sure if she is playing or thinks Sadie is a rag doll, either way the cat likes the attention. They entertain one another.  We also love our car rides! I could not have asked for or picked a better companion!

Bryce is Attorney Sarah Knapp’s five month-old Goldendoodle.  She is super sweet and has never met a person she didn’t want to be best friends with. She is lucky enough to go to work every day with Sarah’s Husband Dr. Tony Knapp and greet all of the patients at his Chiropractic Office in Sterling.  She is super smart as well as friendly so is training to be a therapy dog. In fact she is doing so well that she has already been certified as a Canine Good Citizen.  However, above all else, her favorite things to do are wrestle and snuggle with her four human siblings.

Roberta has two dogs: Bruin is a 8 year old Black and Tan Coonhound/Pointer mix.  He was adopted from HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) when he was approximately 4 months old.  Bruin was one of a liter of 7 puppies called the Nascar Pups; Bruin’s original name was Waltrip.  Bruin and the other Nascar Pups were fostered by a nice family in Fredericksburg, Virginia before they were adopted and moved to their forever homes.  Bruin is a good boy, but sometimes gets into trouble with his little sister, Bella.  Bruin loves to walk in the park near his home, play ball, wrestle or box with Bella, and watch the New England Patriots and Washington Capitals with his family!

Bella is a 7 year old brindle Boxer.  Bella is originally from Greenbrier County, West Virginia, but now lives with her forever family in Northern Virginia.  Bella is a bit of a rascal.  She loves to counter surf and has been known to eat a bag of 50 flour tortillas, an entire leftover meal (consisting of a chicken breast, noodles and brussel sprouts), and pretty much anything else she can grab and go!  Bella likes to play with all her toys, particularly anything that squeaks, to box her brother, Bruin, and to walk in the park.  Although she’s a bit of a handful, Bella wins humans over in no time at all with her wiggles and big brown eyes!

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