Susan Butler to Be a Member on Two Different AAML Committees

Ms. Butler, has been appointed to the Amicus Committee by the President of the AAML. According to the AAML Committee Description, the Amicus Committee description is as follows: “The Amicus Committee reviews requests for national AAML amicus participation in matters under the guidance of the Amicus Policies of the AAML and offers its recommendation as to AAML amicus participation to the Academy President or the President of Academy state Chapters. Membership in the Amicus Committee is limited by appointment of the President.”

Susan Butler has also volunteered to be a Member on the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) LGBT Committee. According to the AAML Committee Description, the LGBT Committee will be:

“Focusing its energies on issues involving same sex couples and parents, married or not, with all of the complexities that family lawyers face as our society continues to struggle with issues of enormous significance in this area of our practices. The Academy has been a leader in the effort to enable same sex couples to enjoy all of the privileges of heterosexual couples and it is timely for us to now have a Committee that focuses on those issues, which assuredly will have an impact on all of us and our clients”

Ms. Butler is extremely excited to be able to participate in both Committees.

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