Shounbach’s Dan Schy Appears as Guest on the Real Estate Hour On 1260 WRC AM

Attorney Dan Schy of ShounBach recently joined hosts Jim Kelley, Darius Jenkins, and Dave Burger on The Real Estate Hour on 1260 WRC AM to discuss the intersection between family law and real estate. Dan shared that while many people in today’s society know people who have been through a divorce or have been through a divorce themselves, it’s important that anyone considering divorce rely on the advice of an actual divorce attorney – not advice from friends and family.


Dan explained to the show’s listeners that pursuing an amicable, uncontested divorce can be preferable to contested litigation, as it gives the parties greater control over what to do with their house, investments, and other property – rather than having a court decide for them. Dan said that in amicable situations, he tries to have the parties reach a separation agreement because that agreement provides the parties with a greater degree of flexibility. Beyond that, it’s often a significantly cheaper option for couples.

Dan is part of ShounBach’s team of experienced family law attorneys. The Northern Virginia firm has represented clients in Virginia for nearly 40 years and was chosen as a U.S. Top Ranked Law Firm by Martindale-Hubbell. If you have questions about divorce and property division, contact ShounBach to schedule a consultation.