Shounbach Gives Back (July 2014)

We at ShounBach constantly strive to find new ways to give back to our community. Each attorney is required, each year, to provide community service or donate time to organizations that improve our level of practice.

As the immediate Past President of the Fairfax Law Foundation, I had the privilege of helping to direct programs designed to help the indigent, those with special needs, and the community at large. The Foundation’s award winning pro bono program provides over $900,000 each year in volunteer legal services to those less fortunate. One of the Foundations many programs introduces over 2,000 students a year to our legal system through court tours and mock trials. This year ShounBach continued our decade long tradition of being one of the largest private financial contributors to the Foundation.

Each of our attorneys recognize that with the privilege of being an attorney comes the responsibility of helping our community in ways no one else can. The professionals at ShounBach are proud of our commitment and the recognition we have received for our efforts, including being a past recipient of the Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year Award. We trust you will find that same level of commitment and dedication in every aspect of the services we offer at ShounBach.

To learn more about the Fairfax Law Foundation and to read their Annual Report, go to