ShounBach Gets Fit!

For more than a decade, the concept of “corporate wellness” has infiltrated offices, prompting both small and large businesses to adopt wellness initiatives. According to a case study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these programs are believed to benefit employees and employers alike; employees develop better eating habits, are more physically active, and have better knowledge of disease management, while employers see improved productivity, reduced absenteeism and health care costs, and increased morale among staff.*

The attorneys and staff at ShounBach recently joined this trend and began a 3-month-long FitBit® challenge to promote health in a fun (and mildly competitive) way! Throughout the challenge, which will last from September through November, teams of four will compete to earn the most steps throughout the firm. The competition encourages each participant to set their own personal and achievable goals and to improve their daily fitness habits – and so far, the enthusiasm AND the results have been fantastic!

*See Davis L, Loyo, et al., A comprehensive worksite wellness program in Austin, Texas: partnership between Steps to a Healthier Austin and Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority. (accessed September 19, 2014).

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