Keenan Goldsby Discusses the Use of Social Media in a Divorce

Recently, Keenan Goldsby, a partner at our firm, lent his knowledge on the topic of social media during a divorce in an article which can be found on the WTOP website. In this article, Mr. Goldsby discusses whether or not you should use social media during a divorce and what the ramifications of doing so can be.

Many people may send what they think is a harmless tweet, or they may update their status with information they think is just for friends and family. It is surprising for many when they find out just how much influence their social media accounts can have on their case. Their spouse may try to twist what they said and use something unrelated to the case to gain leverage. Some people think that privacy settings are enough to block a spouse from having access to the information of their profile. Instead, a friend on Facebook who is not blocked may provide the other spouse with information that they can use. Something as simple as having champagne during a toast at a wedding can be turned around to accuse an individual of struggling with a drinking problem. Limiting the use of social media can help to provide for a smoother process during the divorce, as well as potentially remove a source that could influence the outcome of the case. If you are considering divorce or have already begun the process, speak with our Northern Virginia divorce lawyers for guidance and reliable representation throughout your case.

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