Employers Need to Embrace Cyber Monday

Let’s face it, billions of dollars in productivity is lost as employees shop for the holidays on company time. Shopping is easy at work where employees are already plugged in on line or out and about on company business. Then there is the procrastinator, spending countless hours finding the perfect gift on company time when stock is low and then waiting on line to send it Fed Ex.

Instead of trying to prevent it, employers should allow employees a couple of hours to shop online on Cyber Monday. Employees will get their shopping done early when items are in stock and at bargain prices. Employees will feel better about themselves for getting the deed done and won’t have to waste time in the future reading countless emails regarding other offers. Employees will not need to spend countless hours at stores on company time and if you make it an employee event it could boost morale. Instead of being Scrooge, you can embrace Cyber Monday for all it is worth.