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ShounBach Staff

  • Katherine Fowler – Administrator
  • Cindy Brown – Office Manager
  • Danubia Arias – Paralegal for Keenan Goldsby, Daniel Schy and Albert Bonin
  • Trish Palmer – Paralegal for Susan Butler, Roberta Henault, Molly Garrett, Allison Marie and Hope Rosen
  • Jessica DeVaughn – Legal Assistant for Albert Bonin, Maryam Elsayed and Divani Nadaraja
  • Amanda Hutchison - Legal Assistant for Roberta Henault, Allison Marie and Susan Butler
  • Angie Hairfield – Legal Assistant for Molly Garrett, Hope Rosen and Hayden Lee
  • Ann Drake – Legal Assistant/Paralegal for Keenan Goldsby, Daniel Schy and Sarah Knapp
  • Dayna Omary - Paralegal for Divani Nadaraja, Sarah Knapp, Maryam Elsayed and Hayden Lee